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Food Safety and Nutritional Security Counseling Program®

Course Dates : July 4 - 5 and 18 - 19, 2014

Application Deadline June 23, 2014

Organized by:Kasetsart University Food Innovation Research and Services in Thailand (KU-FIRST)

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Applications by invitation only
Limited number accepted
First come first served basis



Course Rationale

Food quality, food safety and nutritional value are important considerations for Thailand and ASEAN Community, especially and increasingly for informed, modern health-conscious consumers. Innovative strategies to ensure the quality, safety and nutritional values of foods include responsible standards improvement and the development of professional Food Safety and Nutritional COUNSELORS to help promote and accelerate compliance.


The program is designed to help food scientists with sound knowledge of food processing to gain in-depth understanding of food quality production, with emphasis on food safety and nutritional security. It is also designed to provide trainees with the skills to diagnose technical and management problems associating with food quality, in order to be able to provide appropriate counseling to food producers to achieve and maintain the required food quality standards.


Course Description and Composition

The course introduces the concept and rationale of the necessity to develop more appropriate type of food quality experts to meet the need of increasingly competitive food business cause the need for Food Safety and Nutritional Security Counselors. Key issues of food quality, which include current and trend in food safety and nutritional requirements are reviewed and highlighted. Selected cases on food quality and nutrition problems, faced and frequently asked by food producers are discussed. Trainees are encouraged to participate in the diagnosis of possible causes and effects relating to the problems and to give advice on appropriate measures. The final part of the course involves the discussion on do's and don'ts as well as Code of Conducts for effective COUNSELORS.

Approach and Strategies

·      Ensuring sound technical knowledge of food production technology and food safety.

·      Provision of additional knowledge and coaching/management skill.

·      Developing mechanism and management tools for effectively accessing food safety and food technology expertise.

·      Establishing food safety consortium or network to update members on current and future food safety practices and trends.

·      Establishing links with 'Clients' to ensure sustainable sound food safety practices.

·      Consolidating expertise and resources through networking to support Thailand's food industry competitiveness.

Course Structure
The Course covers 30 hours of attendance and is divided into 6 modules.
Classes are given in two sessions, of 2 days each, on Friday and Saturday.

Module I:         Introduction to Food Safety and Nutritional Security Counseling
Module II:
        Food System, Food Safety and Management
Module III:      
Food Process Innovation and Food Processing
Module IV:
     Laws, Regulations, Policy Update Issues in Food Safety

Module V:       Nutrition Trends and Functional
Module VI:      Professional Ethics and Code of Conducts

Course Fees per Participant

Registration Fee:

20,000 Baht Special Offer 50% Discount


Course Documents

One Manual for Food Safety and Nutritional Security COUNSELORS and 6 Handbooks on six different types of Food Industrial Processing are included.

For Registration and Information

Please Contact:

Asst. Prof. Warapa Mahakarnchanakul,

e-mail : อีเมลนี้จะถูกป้องกันจากสแปมบอท แต่คุณต้องเปิดการใช้งานจาวาสคริปก่อน

Miss Preeyachat Chantachot,

e-mail : อีเมลนี้จะถูกป้องกันจากสแปมบอท แต่คุณต้องเปิดการใช้งานจาวาสคริปก่อน


Moblie/Line: 094-705-8054

Tel: 02-942-7990, Fax: 02-942-7991


Cooperating Department and Units at KU

and Government Agency:

·      Department of Food science and Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry (AI), Kasetsart University

·      Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD), Kasetsart University

·      National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives



Kasetsart University Food Innovation Research and Services in Thailand (KU-FIRST)

Room 322, 3rd floor, Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Kasetsart University

50, Ngamwongwan Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand





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